Meals & Nutrition

It is our goal at the center to provide nutritious meals and snacks that allow the
children to grow and become healthy young adults.

Snacks & Lunch Policy:


Young infants will be fed according to their own schedule. During lunch, infants not yet eating table food will be served cereals and jarred or pureed foods. CCCC participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and is required to provide all of your child’s food including iron-fortified formula. Formula is the only food that parents may opt to bring in based on preference (another formula brand or breast milk).
As they grow and start eating solid foods, their eating needs will change and the eating times will be adjusted to the group’s sc
hedule. It is recommended that infants try new foods at home first, then parent/guardians can add the new food to the classroom list.
A nutritious breakfast, hot lunch and afternoon snack are provided for each child attending day care.
School Age:
Before School Program, Holiday Program and Summer Camp: An optional  breakfast is provided. This usually consists of cereal, milk & fruit
UPK Extension, Holiday Program, Summer Camp: lunch is brought from home
After School Club, Holiday Program and Summer Camp: Optional afternoon snack is provided

* Our menus limit sugar, food additives and animal proteins. Gum, candy, and
‘junk food’ are not permitted at the center.
Peanut-Free Zone: The center recognizes children’s allergies and sensitivity towards certain foods. In order to adhere to everyone, we ask that you not put food in your child’s breakfast/lunch/snacks that contain peanuts or any sort of nut product, as the center is a peanut-free zone.


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