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Fredon's Art Program

Children in grades Pre K-6 participate in Fredon Township's art program.  The art program uses a Discipline Based Art Education approach to instruction. 

  • All grade levels are encouraged to look at the work of various artists and learn about art history.
  • Students are involved in the production of making art projects.  They are exposed to a variety of techniques which include drawing with various media, painting, printmaking, hand building techniques in clay and various collage styles. 
  • Students also talk about art (aesthetics) and evaluate what they and their classmates have created (art criticism).

The art program encourages creative thinking and allows children to use their individual creative potential to express themselves.

Student art work created in class is saved throughout the year and exhibited in the school's hallways and at Youth Art Month exhibits (in March). In June, all art work is sent home in a portfolio.