Welcome Back for 2012!

Welcome to another year of the Fredon School Drama Club.  This year, the students will be performing "Seussical: The Musical".  It is a fun and exciting show, filled with wonderful dialog, songs, and excitement.  The Drama Club is offered to students in Grades 3-6 and represents a serious committment.  Some important information is listed below.  Feel free to contact me at sconstantino@fredon.org with any questions.

Rules for Musical Cast:

1.  Cast members are not permitted to miss rehearsals.

2.  All rehearsals are closed to cast members only! Parents and friends are not              permitted to watch rehearsals.

3.  Be on time for rehearsals.

4.  Bring a pencil.

5.  Make sure you have a ride home from rehearsal.

6.  Wear appropriate clothing.

7.  There will be no loud talking while we are working on music or scenes.

8.  If you are not on stage, you may work on homework during rehearsals.

9.  Know when you need to be on stage. Don’t make the rehearsal stop because we can’t find you.

10.  NO FOOD ON STAGE.  Bring a snack to eat while you wait.

11.  There will be no running or gathering in the halls. You should be in the gym unless given permission to leave.

12.  Be kind to each other. I will not tolerate any cast member being mean to another cast member. This is a team effort from beginning to end.

Musical Audition Information:Rehearsal Calendar

1. Please stay quiet in the hall while waiting for your audition.

2. The auditions are closed. Parents and friends are not permitted to attend your audition.

3. Make sure you have looked at the rehearsal schedule. Everybody will not need to be at all of the rehearsals. I will send a detailed rehearsal schedule home with cast members every 2 weeks so that there is no confusion on when you need to be at rehearsal.       You should only audition if you are committed to making every effort not to miss rehearsals.

5. You do not need to bring anything to audition except yourself and a great attitude!

6. We have planned for 3 performances. The dates are June 1 and 2. 

7. Please share the rehearsal schedule with your parents, also.

GOOD LUCK with your audition! We will post the cast list as soon as possible.