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Fred Martin Carpentry is committed to providing quality work along with customer satisfaction. We are staffed with knowledgeable employees. On all projects from the ground up, we will give timely estimates/bids and complete the job on or ahead of schedule. Fred Martin Carpentry has experience in many aspects of construction. We have worked with contractors in the Bangor and Bar Harbor areas as well as other parts of Maine.

We Build Your Home with EXCELLENT Results

The above picture is an example of a home that was built by Fred Martin Carpentry in Surry, Maine.  All interior, trim, custom cabinet work, exterior, and detail features were done by our company. 

What Makes Us Unique

There is no job too big or too small for Fred Martin Carpentry  We have experience in all aspects of home building from the ground up.  We will take your ideas and transform them into amazing results.  Our reasonable rates provide a way for customers to enjoy the luxury of their new features and homes.