Looking for that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

A job you can enjoy!

There are two major segments of our economy that are still growing: The government and the Internet.

So, if you're not interested in working for Uncle Sam we have an exciting opportunity for you to help your community and local businesses get the most out of the Internet. Best of all we will train and support you as you build long-term wealth for your family. You will start earning excellent pay right from the start as you learn all about Internet marketing from the leaders in the field.

The AreaGuides Network of 28 websites on the east coast promotes local communities and drives business to our sponsors. We are looking for people who are self motivated, organized and willing to learn. Even in these tough economic times, we find a majority of people just want to put in their hours at work....and go home....which is one reason why we have openings.

So, are you looking for an exciting, creative way to earn a living? Our website administrator positions offer many positive features, but are not for everybody's personality. They are independent contractor positions, which means you are in control of your workday, but to be successful you need to get out the door and visit your prospects, which for us are local small businesses. Even so, you will not be on your own. From Craig Shipp, the founder of the AreaGuides.com Network to our Customer Service staff extending to the entire AreaGuides team we will all be there to support your efforts.

As an independent contractor you will be your own boss, and determine where and when you go, what you do, and what products you talk about. You will receive industry leading compensation for of all your gross sales dollars. You will pay your own expenses, such as fuel for your car, business cards, telephone, etc. All the while you will be building your own base of clients that will look to you for all their Internet marketing solutions. Assuming you follow our general guidelines to always represent the AreaGuides Network in a professional fashion and continue to grow and learn the necessary skills to succeed your family's financial security will never again be in doubt.

PROS......You will represent high quality products and powerful Internet names that are extremely "value" priced in our field (advertising), which works well in the challenging business climate local shop owners are facing every day. Many of the products offered are unique to our network giving you a huge competitive advantage over others approaching your clients. Management is always open for suggestions as to how we can further improve our network. You will be an important member of the team! You will determine your own schedule....be your own boss. Because many of our websites are geographically contiguous, you can represent multiple sites which opens up more sales potential for you.

Business owners want to tap the power of the Internet and they would love to have a knowledgeable AreaGuides representative to help them sort through the options available and come up with an affordable plan for their business. The power of the Internet and our products promote local small business 24/7 - 365 for the price of one small print ad that lasts only a short time.

CONS......You have to get up and out the door each day!

If you are interested....let's talk
Call Craig at 240-753-0024 or e-mail Craig at cs@areaguides.com

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Exceptionally intelligent
Hugely ambitious
Culturally connected
Eternally goodhearted
Infinitely resilient

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