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The most important message I can share with you is getting the most out of the Internet does not need to be difficult or expensive. By using the correct tools (applications & hardware) you can make your workflow efficient and getting things done can even be fun. Most of the tools I can share with you are FREE or very low cost and as a result of Moore's Law even the cost of professional grade hardware is affordable. 

The NEW MEDIA is about working together to cross-promote and share information.

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About Craig: I travel all over the USA and sometimes the world. I enjoy the outdoors, playing tennis and photography. My daytime job is Internet Real Estate development including the Network which I founded. (see for an example of our work, I have more than 50,000 photos and 1000+ videos published there). By the way we always have opportunities for sharp motivated individuals in our organization so let me know if you're looking for an exciting way to earn a living. New projects are always popping up so contact me NOW!

I spend the fall through spring in Florida and I usually travel in the summer either north to Maine or Canada or to Europe or out west. My goal is to enjoy spring-like weather year round! Moscow in July is great. Rome in January isn't too bad either! Want lots of cool photos? Click Here!

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