Baker's Fire Protection Training for Emergencies

Stop the Fire Before It Happens

Baker's Fire Protection Training allows a multi-pronged approach to disaster management, hopefully before the emergency even happens.

Every fire is a disaster, even if it is a small one.  Lives are threatened, injuries often occur and the long-term effects of combustion can cause health problems decades after the incident.

Recognition of the dangers to personnel is coupled with the loss to physical property.  Loss of business due to destroyed papers and records can total many thousands.  There are some that suggest that a huge business slow-down is being felt as a result of the destruction of critical business property on 11 September 2001.  There was an untold loss of new business that rippled throughout the economy as a result of the destruction of the Twin Towers.  The domino effect is difficult to exaggerate.

Businesses must do everything they can to protect lives and property.

Training to Meet Government Standards

Fortunately, there are many safeguards available to help.  Many of them are government-mandated.  Anyone in business knows the complications associated with regulatory compliance.   There are many technical ideas to understand and apply.  Most managers do not have the luxury of understanding fire protection hydraulics and water supply analysis.  Architects even bring in fire protection specialists, such as Baker's Emergency Response Team, to double check that they in compliance with Federal, state and local fire safety codes.

In addition to the hydraulic design of automatic sprinkler systems and industrial fire pump installations, there are many auxiliary systems that lead to increased fire suppression capability.  As a minimum, fire extinguishers should be located in accordance with governmental fire safety codes.

Every employee should confidently be able to use a fire extinguisher.  When a fire strikes, it often starts very small.  Quick thinking reactions by trained employees can save thousand of dollars and and untold pain and grief.

Baker's Fire Protection & Safety Equipment Company training courses include on-site training of employees.  Because of the what we can do to help save lives, we offer this training at very low cost to our fire inspection customers.  It is part of our total package approach to stopping the fire before it happens.

New threats - new procedures.

A quick glance at recent headlines underscores the dangers to businesses in places like the DC Metro area.  It's not a matter of "if" it happens, it's more a matter of "when" it happens.  An army soldier may pray that a war never occurs, but there comes a time when we must respond to the perceived threat that terrorism puts before us all.

Dirty Bombs

The most likely terrorist weapon of the near future is the "Dirty Bomb".  Cesium-containing explosives in a highly-flammable package is a very low-tech weapon.  It is easy to manufacture using the radioactive material contained in x-ray machines.

Without crossing borders, a Dirty Bomb can be made by breaking into a doctor's office, taking out the radioactive material, placed with a simple explosive device and packaged with highly-flammable material.  With the devise in plastic box, that can be carried by one person, a terrorist can bring any part of a place like the DC Metro area to a standstill.  And with the recent number of suicide bombers, a timing device is not even required.

If you manage a corporation that is associated with the defense industry, you are a potential direct target.  Preventing the placement of a Dirty Bomb requires constant vigilance.  One slip and you could become a victim.  Many businesses to not have the resources to construct a security system that is nearly unbreakable.  Therefore, an appropriate response to the threat must be developed.

The Baker Emergency Response Team can help you put together a plan for your business to deal with a Dirty Bomb before it happens.  An explosion cause immediate shrapnel injuries to those near it.  The flammable portion of the bomb causes burns and destruction of property.  The radioactive material makes response a very delicate and life-threatening situation.  The diffusion of the cloud-plume from the weapon can drift at an average of 10 knots in ambient wind.  Your whole facility could be effected.  What can you do?  How can you prepare yourself in a cost-effective manner?

Intelligent Solutions.

The Baker's Fire Protection training helps you develop your plans to handle the problems associated with potential terrorist activity.  From threat potential analysis to on-site preparedness, Baker's helps meet your need to protect your employees and your physical plant.

Your Cornerstone of Response

Training is a cornerstone of your response efforts.  The more you and your staff know before it happens, the better equipped you are to deal with a crisis when it happens.  No one should ever wonder what to do when a crisis starts.  Survival begins with knowledge.  Protection of your assets begins with an early response.  This is basic common sense.

Liability Issues

Realizing the fundamental importance of training can also forestall potential liability issues.  An unprepared, untrained staff is an open door to law suit exposure.  It is difficult to prove contributory negligence when you are training your employees how to react in potential life-threatening situations.

Learn a lesson from the past.  The real problem when the Titanic sank was not the iceberg.  It was the lack of preparedness on the part of the crew that lead to the tremendous loss of life.

Show Your Employees that You Care

Education that you provide to your employees benefits them whether a crisis happens or not.  The positive benefits associated with education include a professional mind-set that helps improve employee motivation and morale.  Knowing that they are in a prepared environment with employers that care about their protection and safety helps employee retention.

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