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Panzer Commander 2

I started Panzer Commander 2 project in September 1998 to research and develop a realistic 3D tactical tank combat simulator in collaboration with Richard Martinez, Producer at Strategic Simulations, Inc., Novato, California. This ambitious project required to research engineering data in technical archives, to collaborate with various institutions such as EAABC/CDEB, WTS Koblenz, Bovington Tank Museum, and develop a software with a powerful editor to generate realistic 3D maps using Digital Elevation Maps (with Adobe Photoshop), 3D models with advanced damage models using Lightwave, and an artificial intelligence up to the task. To be successful, it was soon acknowledged that it was necessary to focus on very specific vehicles/battle areas, to research for more experimental data (ballistics, armor penetration capabilities, dynamic models of vehicles), and to take into account the processing power of a computer. By way of comparison, NATO Janus simulation software does not provide 3D representation, but requires the power of a super-computer to generate realistic scenarios. In 2003, a first alpha version was finally launched showing dramatic improvements over previous installations. As such it was already a platform suitable for specific military applications, for instance a simulator for the Leclerc MBT. In late 2004, the project was terminated over a pending copyright issue with TLC, The Learning Company, which had acquired the rights over the source code of SSI's Panzer Commander software.
Pictorical reference
Jagdpanzer IV, with courtesy of Christopher Curd, www.ccbuckeye.com. 3D designer, Panzer Commander 2 Project.