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I-MDB Project

I started I-MDB Project on 19 May 1999 after meeting with Colonel Patrick Olmer, director of EAABC/CDEB Armor documentation centre as part of an experiment to provide EAABC staff, CDEB professionals, engineers and military officers with a secure online interface to exchange information and documents about Battle Tank technology. With the cancellation of Minjonnet Exercise, a real world simulation of defensive tactics used by the Germans in the defense of Normandy, 1944, mainly due to reduction of budget and lack of practical feedback from junior officers, I-MDB was to provide an economical and efficient solution to enhance knownledge of Battle Tank technology, and develop international relations with military institutions worldwide.
Although successful, with numerous articles being published, and constitution of a restauration team working on Saumur Tiger II and Panther, the project was terminated in February 2002 due to further reduction of budget, and my focusing solely on the research and development of Panzer Commander 2 tank combat simulation.