Pioneer Sisters: A Little House Chapter Book
By Laura Ingalls Wilder
Illustrated by Reness Graef

Reviewed by Roz: 2-24-2012

Pioneer Sisters has 73 pages with some pictures at the beginnings of chapters.  Laura is the main character, with her sisters, Mary and Carrie, and Ma and Pa.  Mary is the oldest sister, Laura is the middle sister, and Carrie is the youngest.  Mary is really nice.  She minds her manners.  Laura can be impolite.  She doesn't say please or thank you.  Carrie is a baby.  She likes when people sing to her.  It started at the end of Winter and went through Winter of next year.  They had chores to do during the week and rested on Sunday.  Laura's favorite was churning.  Churning is making butter out of cream. 

In the Spring, Laura and her family moved to the prairie.  During Summer, Laura and her family went to a store in town and bought candy and clothes.  One fall day, Laura's family had a fire on their roof.  Laura was very brave and pulled her sisters, Carrie and Mary, out of the burning house.  They slid down a haystack and got in trouble in the winter.  It ended with Christmas.  The girls each got a horse and candy from Santa.  Laura and Mary made a string of buttons, like a necklace, for Carrie. 

The book was a little funny and interesting.  I would recommend this book to everyone.  I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.