Franklin County High School's Dual Enrollment Biology 101 and Lab Class through Virginia Western Community College

Welcome to Biology 101!  I hope you will enjoy this class and learn a great deal that will prepare you for the college learning environment.  It is my desire that this transition will be easier and successful because of the exposure you will receive in this class!

Please make sure you have completed the following tasks  before August 21st:
  • Complete the on-line VWCC Enrollment Application
  • Obtain your EMPLID # - and keep it in a SAFE place
  • Complete the DE application form (from Guidance)
  • Complete the VPT (placement test)

Here are some other helpful resources.  I have found these webpages are wonderful for content introduction and review.

  • Please make sure you come to class prepared!  Remember, this IS a COLLEGE CLASS!
  • Field Trip Dates: 11/12-11/13
  • Pictures from the DC Field Trip!
Cartoon Below is about Biochemistry....because we love nerds!