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Classroom Management

Kindergarten Classroom Management


There are three rules that cover many behaviors.


1.Do what is right.

Use self control, do what the teacher asks you to do, be honest, participate in activities, clean up after yourself, use a quiet voice.


2. Do your very best.

Ask the teacher for help when needed, work carefully and neatly, listen actively and follow directions, pay attention to the teachers and the students who are answering questions.


3. Treat others with kindness.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated, take turns, say kind words to others, listen to others, and be helpful.


When a student does not follow classroom expectations or a school rule:


1st consequence: Warning

2nd consequence: Yellow Card (5 minutes of time out) 

3rd consequence: Red Card (Additional time out and parents notified)


Severe Disruption: Fighting, cursing, disrespect, or other serious offenses may result in conference with teacher, principal, student, and/or parent.



We strive to praise the children for following the rules and making good behavior choices. 

Their reward is being able to fully participate in all activities and receiving good conduct marks on their report cards. Additionally, we are working together as a team to earn “pocket points.”  The class will receive rewards after they have earned the required amount of points.  Rewards might include: extra recess, IPad time, extra computer time, lunch outside, etc.


Most importantly, they will be happy and so will their parents and teachers! 


Let’s have a great year!


Kindergarten Teachers