Class Selection Under the 4/4 Block Schedule


All students must select eight classes and three alternatives. If one of the eight classes cannot be scheduled for the student during that school year, an alternative listed will be substituted for one of the eight classes. Parents must sign the completed registration form. Student schedules will not be processed without a parents signature.


Schedule Changes


Schedule changes may be made up to two weeks after schedules are mailed in July. After that, no schedule changes will be permitted unless the school has made an error. Requests for schedule changes must be made in writing and include a parent's signature.


Do's & Don'ts When Choosing Classes


  1. Don't pick a class just because a friend is taking it. Your friend may like the class. You may not.

  2. Do think about what is involved in the class. If the course description is not clear or complete enough for you, ask. Your guidance counselor can always help you.

  3. Do get input from other students who have taken a class before (maybe even an older brother or sister) to help you determine if the class is what you want.

  4. Do pick a class that will fit in with your career direction or benefit you in some other way. Make use of the career information you have gotten from Virginia View, career assessments, and your career units in various classes.

  5. Do look ahead. Think about the classes you plan to take in your four years of high school. Which have prerequisites? What classes do you need to take each year to get you where you want to be in your senior year?

  6. Do think about what you like and dislike.

  7. Don't choose a class just because you need to fill a space in your schedule. For another, you may be taking the seat of another student who really wants to take the class but cannot because  it is dull already.

  8. Do choose classes that are challenging. Whatever your career, you want to be as well prepared as possible. A good student should not take "easy" courses just to fill a requirement.

  9. Don't be afraid to ask for help!