College Information

 Each year, Franklin County High School hosts its annual College Day.  Over 60 regional colleges and universities are on the FCHS campus to meet with potential students.  Represented are many of the areas most popular public and private schools, community colleges and trade & technical schools.  In addition to College Day, representatives from various schools are available in Student Services throughout the year to meet with interested students.  



 Ask about the program (major) you wish to pursue. (Be sure they have what you want.)

 Where is the college located? Describe the area.

 When do I apply? What is the application deadline? How do I apply? When will I be notified about a decision?

 How much is the application fee?

 Cost for one year? For two years? For four years? How much is needed for personal expenses? (Exactly what does the total cost include?)

 What are the living quarters like? How many to a room?

 What are the high school requirements? Foreign Language? Math? Science?  What do I do if I don’t have something that is required?

 What tests are required (SAT I, SAT II, ACT, OTHER)? What scores are required on the SAT I? What are the average SAT scores? For those accepted what is the range?

 If you require the SAT II Subject Tests, which ones do you prefer or require?

 Do you have an early decision plan? What does it mean? What is the deadline for applications and when will I be notified  What are the requirements for early decision acceptance?

 Do you have any special or unique programs of study? Abroad? Work-Study?

 Have the representative explain to you the formula that the college used for admissions.  Grade, rank, SAT, activities, major, etc. (Have the representative rank these according to importance).

 May a freshman have a car? May he/she live off campus?

 What is the enrollment  Male-Female ratio? Student-Teacher ratio? Student-Advisor ratio?

 What financial aid is available? How do I apply for aid? What percentage of students receive aid?

 What about transferring to and from your college? Credits?

 What are some of your rules and regulations?

 Which sports do you have? Any aid or scholarships for participation?

 Do you require an interview?

 Do you have Job Placement/Career Counseling Services on campus?

 Are campus visits allowed? When? Who would I contact for a visit?

 SENIORS - - Be sure to get a catalog and application.