Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement classes are offered in English 11, Calculus AB & BC, Statistics, Computer Science, Virginia and United States History, European History, Psychology, Biology, Environmental Science and Physics. Students enrolling in these classes are required to take the Advanced Placement examination, which affords them the opportunity to earn college credit or advanced placement in college classes.

The following guidelines apply for AP classes under the 4/4 schedule.

  • They will be yearlong classes. (Except AP Environmental Science, AP Physics)

  • They will be double credit classes with one of the credits being for a subject are elective.

  • Both credits will be awarded the AP quality points and given the same grade.

  • Consistent criteria will be used to identify qualified applicants.

  • Minimum enrollments must be met to offer the class.

  • AP exam fees are $94.00 per course. Full reimbursement of the AP exam fee is made to students who score 3 or above on their exams.


  • 2018 AP EXAM DATES         

Dual Enrollment Courses

    Franklin County High School offers dual enrollment arrangements between the high school and local colleges. This program is designed to give students in specific classes the opportunity to receive high school and college credit simultaneously. Students should contact their counselors for further information.  The current cost for dual enrollment courses is $53.26/credit hour for classes taught at FCHS.

Dual Enrollment Courses offered at FCHS:

College Biology 101, 102Human Anatomy & Physiology 1, 2College Chemistry 111 Entrepreneurship
College English 111, 112History 101, 102College Government 211, 212College Spanish 201, 202
 Electronics 1  Electronics 2 Electricity 2Electricity 3
Masonry 2Microsoft Office SkillsAdvanced Microsoft Office SkillsEngineering Career Studies @ (VWCC)
 Building Trades 2EMT
Mechatronics @ (VWCC)

All Dual Enrollment students must apply to Virginia Western Community College.