Barry Whitlow, Guidance Coord.


CEEB Code 471985


    Franklin County High School, the thirty-third largest high school in Virginia, is located on a thirty acre campus in Rocky Mount. The comprehensive high school serves approximately 2100 students in grades 9-12, with an offering of approximately 210 courses. In addition to strong academic and technical programs, opportunities are available for students to participates in over forty clubs and thirty-five athletic teams. Through innovative programs, Franklin County High School is committed to preparing students for further education and the world of work.

SAT Testing Profile Class of 2020
 FCHS             Averages
Reading & Writing543

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires that each local school division must notify parents of their option to opt-out of students directory information being shared with military recruiters or institutions of higher learning.  Please notify Donna Grantham at 483-0221 if you wish to opt-out.

Grade Point Average/Class Rank

    Grade point averages (GPA) are computed on a 4.0 quality point scale. Pre AP courses  are weighted  an additional 0.5 quality point. Advanced Placement and core subject area dual-enrollment courses are weighted an additional 1.0 quality points. We do not rank students.

 Grading Scale (Beginning 8/2014)

  A --  90-100
B --  80-89
C --  70-79
 D --  60-69 
        F --  59 - Below

College Matriculation


FCHS Averages Class of 2020


30% of seniors attend a 4-year college


35% of seniors attend a 2-year college