Frayed Wires Studios is the largest active modding team for Star Wars: Battlefront II. We're focused on extending the life of this game as we learn valuable skills for future projects in the indie developer scene.

The leading members of Frayed Wires Studios, James Plummer and Aaron Gilbert, are well on their way towards becoming indie developers who will create a wide variety of games, several of which are in very early planning and design stage.

If you wish to join Frayed Wires Studios, send us an e-mail and explain why you wish to join and list the skills you possess. Please note that submitting an application does not mean you will automatically be part of or hold any association with Frayed Wires Studios.

Frayed Wires Studios does not hold prejudice against gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or financial status; personality and ability is the sole judging factor that we take into account.