Recent Announcements 

Please take a look at the rules and class expectations that can be found in forms and docs.  A paper copy was also given to each middle school student.

Middle School P.E.
Most weeks middle school p.e. class will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Health class will be held on Thursdays.  Some weeks there may be a change in schedule.  Students will be notified of changes.  Please be prepared with your gym uniform, gym shoes and all other essential items on p.e. days.

Middle School Bowling
Starting November 19, 2019, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will walk to the Wauconda Bowl during p.e. class for bowling. Permission forms were sent home 11/7 and are due back to Mrs. Winkelmann by November 15.  The cost of bowling is $25.00.  The price includes shoes, one game and instruction for 8 class periods.  Students should dress for the weather.  A copy of the permission form can be found in forms and docs on the left side menu of my website.  Please contact me for any questions.

Elementary P.E.
Preschool through fifth grade students will have p.e. class on Mondays and Fridays.   Please be prepared with gym shoes, gym uniform (k-5) and, all other essential items on p.e. days.

P.E. Uniform
We are done with our 2 year transition period.  All students must now wear the gray Frassati gym shirt and black knee length mesh gym shorts.  The gym shorts may be Frassati or plain black.   Students Must have gym shoes to be able to participate in physical education class.  Frassati black sweat pants may also be worn in the winter.

Medical Excuse

Students need to have a note/email from Mom, Dad or Doctor to sit out of class.  After an injury a student needs a note clearing the student to participate again. 


Frassati Catholic Academy Middle School Physical Education  
August-fitness testing and team building
September- volleyball
October- pickleball
November- floor hockey

Frassati Catholic Academy Elementary School Physical Education
August/ September- rules, locomotion
October- throwing and catching
November- kicking and dribbling

Frassati Catholic Academy Middle School Health Class
8/22- 6th, 7th, 8th- getting to know you through picture and words.
8/29 6th- read pages 4-9.  7th- read pages 28-33. 8th-read pages 100-109.
9/5-6th-read pages 10-13 worksheet. 7th- read pages 34-38 worksheet. 8th- read pages 109-121, wksht.
9/12-6th read pages 16-23, other side of wksht. 7th- read pages 39-45, other side of wksht.  8th- discussion- negative and positive peer pressure.
9/19-6th- decision making map. Due 9/26. 7th- read pages 46-51, questions 1-7 on page 51. 8th-read pages 201-205 questions 1-5 page 205.
9/26-6th- read pages 24-29, write short term and long term health goal. 7th- read pages 52-55, write short term and long term goal and action plan. 8th-read pages 206-213.
10/3 6th- read pages 34-41. 7th - read pages 69-75. 8th- read pages 216-220, wksht.
10/10 6th- read pages 42-47, label eye. 7th- read pages 76-79 front side of worksheet. 8th - life stage wrap up.
10/24 6th, 7th, 8th- Red Ribbon Week slogan poster.
10/31 6th, 7th, 8th- finish red ribbon week poster. Skeletal system review.
11/7-6th- read pages 157-161, questions 1-7 page 161.  7th-read pages 271-275 questions 1-5 on page 275.  8th- read pages 298-303 questions 1-4 on page 303.
11/14-6th- read pages 162-166. 7th-read pages 276-279, start worksheet. 8th-  circulatory system worksheet.
Frassati Catholic Academy 4th grade Health Class
9/4- self concept, self esteem. read pages 4-8.
9/11- getting to know worksheet.
9/18-dealing with emotions- stress, anger
10/2 chapter review worksheet
10/9 worksheet review, read pages 54-61.
10/23- heart rate, maximum heart rate, training heart rate
10/30 nutrition
11/6 food plate