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Science Fair Due Dates for 8th grade:

September 27th - Purpose and Hypothesis
October 17th - Materials (bullet format)
November 22nd - Procedure
December 19th - Background Information (research paper)
December 19th - Reference list
January 7th - Controls and Variables
January 7th - Sources of Error
January 8th - Results
January 10th - Tables and Charts (2 copies, 1 in color and 1 in Black and White.
January 13th - Conclusion
January 14th - Acknowledgments
January 20th - Boards (completed 100% in school) *Please start bringing in materials for your board the week we return from Christmas break.
January 21st - Speech (ELA Class)
January 24th - SCIENCE FAIR.

This Week in Science.....11/04 - 11/08
6th Grade: Finish lesson 2 of unit 2.  Quiz on Friday
7th Grade: Finish lesson 3 of unit 2.  Quiz on Friday
8th Grade: Finish lesson 3 of unit 2.  Quiz on Friday