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7th Grade Math - 1

General Class Procedures: 
To start each lesson the students get a Practice A sheet. This sheet has practice problems on the front and is blank on the back for notes. We work our way through the front side together working practice problems step-by-step. It may take us one or even two class periods to finish this sheet. When we are done the student now has a guide for that individual lesson. After that, students then get a Practice B sheet for that lesson. The Practice B is the homework sheet. The Practice B sheet mirrors the Practice A sheet. There are times when we can work on and complete the Practice B in class. Other times it will need to be finished at home. Regardless of where it is completed, the students are instructed to have their Practice A sheet by their side to help them with their homework.

About every three or four lessons we will have a formal assessment. In advance of the assessment, we will spend several days preparing. We will take and go over a practice quiz/test and have quiz/test prep problems that we will complete and go over. Both the practice quiz/test and prep problems mirror the actual assessment.

Extra Help:
In addition to class time, I have a standing invitation to all students that I am available before school, during lunch/recess, and after school for any extra help they may need with either homework or preparation for an assessment.


Learning Targets by Lesson

8.1 - Use graphs to represent relations and functions

8.2 - Find solutions of equations in two variables

8.3 - Use X and Y intercepts to graph linear equations

8.4 - Find and interpret slopes of lines

8.5 - Graph linear equations in slope-intercept form

8.6 - Write linear equations

8.7 - Use function notation

8.8 - Graph and solve systems of linear equations

8.9 - Graph inequalities in two variables


March 2 - Worked on IReady, no homework

March 3 - Practice Quiz on 8.1-8.5 - Quiz on Friday

March 4 - Practice Quix on 8.1-8.5 - Quiz on Friday

March 5 - Final review for Quiz on Friday

March 10 - No Homework

March 11 - No Homework

March 12 - No Homework