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Welcome to the 2021 - 2022 School Year!

Mrs. DeCarlo joined the FAMS team in 2002. She has taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade mathematics.

Mrs. DeCarlo attended William Paterson University for her undergraduate degree and graduate degree. She earned her degree in Mathematics Education.

Mrs. DeCarlo completed 30 additional courses in education which earned her 30 credits over her master's degree.

In her free time, Mrs. DeCarlo enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She enjoys traveling too!

Loves Disney!

Explore the wonderful world of mathematics.

Mathematics is all around you. Think about the things you do each day. Your day is probably packed with mathematical concepts that you are not aware of. Mathematics is a life skill. Mathematics takes place when shopping, cooking, banking, and problem solving.

Indulge yourself with mathematics.

Explore the wonderful opportunities that the math world has to offer!


  • Camera must be on, and your background may not be a virtual image

  • Keep your microphone on mute until instructed otherwise

  • Students are to be dressed property (NO pajamas)

  • Students must be located at a suitable workplace

  • Arrive on time

Mrs. DeCarlo's email address: tdecarlo@franklinlakes.k12.nj.us