Bienvenidos a la clase de la Señora Ruiz

Señora Ruiz will be the new Spanish teacher at Colonial Road and Woodside Elementary Schools. She graduated from William Paterson University with a dual Major in Elementary Education and Teacher of World Languages Spanish; She also has a certification as a bilingual and bicultural teacher. She thought Middle School Spanish for the past four years and has been working with children of various ages for the past 10 years. She is really glad and exited to start the new school year and welcome all your children in to her classroom.   

 She be introducing all her students to the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. Students will be introduced to interesting new topics, real-life communication skills and authentic culture to motivate students to learn Spanish.

The goal in this class is to give students a foundation for exploring and understanding Spanish-speaking cultures and peoples. By completing engaging activities, students will employ critical thinking skills as they are introduced to Spanish language and its cultures and begin to compare it with their own community. Students will also have some cross-curricular academic subjects, such as math, art, social studies and language arts, using their knowledge of Spanish to access new information.

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