¡hola a la primavera!
    Welcome to la primavera.  Our focus, in all levels, will be on speaking the language.  This will be achieved through the engagement of such activities as stories, songs, play - acting and lots and lots of dialogues.

    I am so enthused to be interacting  with your children and teaching them about language and various cultures throughout the globe.

    First  and second grades have just completed learning and still reinforcing the names for colors in Spanish.  The first grade then went on to study the names of shapes and are now learning to count those shapes up to number twenty.   Also ask them all about the culture of México!  

 Meanwhile, the second grade will be able to tell you the name of the day of the week in Spanish.  Now they are enthusiastically studying animal names.  It is so much fun to act out one's favorite animal and have his compañero guess it.  They can also tell you about Central American culture!

    Third grade has been discussing the titles of family members in español.  See if they can give you the title of your family members including your perro!  Now they also know how to tell you  the names of their body parts in Spanish.  Play Simón Dice with them and see how you do.  Now they are embarking upon the names off classroom objects.  They can also tell you about South American culture and customs!

     Our fourth grade is having fun playing games to learn the days of the week and the months of the year.  See if they can tell you what a cognate is.  This has been followed by the names of seasons and weather.  Ask them to sing the Basho and Friends weather song for you!  Our new unit is clothing.  They should be choosing their outfits in Spanish!  Meanwhile, Spain has been our cultural focus this month.

    Finally the fifth grade is working hard on memorizing the names of rooms in the house.  Pretty soon they will be able to navigate from one room to another using directional words in Spanish.  Once this is complete we are going to brush up on previously learned skills that may have weakened due to lack of use.  We will have fun reviewing colors, numbers, class objects, days, and months.  They will also be able to tell you about the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan cultures.

It is my pleasure to have your children as students and I look forward to continuing to  impart a passion for the Spanish language to them.

Señora Martin
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