Mrs. Brozyna is a graduate from Quinnipiac University and is a Certified School Occupational Therapist.  She received her Masters in Occupational Therapy from a 5 year program in 2010.  She then pursued a career at a local rehabilitation hospital as well as provided early intervention services to children in need.  From working in early intervention, Mrs. Brozyna realized her passion for providing services to children and decided to pursue a career in the school setting.  She transitioned into the school setting and worked for 4 years until beginning her employment with Franklin Lakes School District in 2015.  Her hobbies include hanging out with friends and family, hiking, going to the beach and playing with her golden retriever.

Teaching Philosophy

The Occupational and Physical Therapists of the Franklin Lakes Public Schools use their unique expertise to help children prepare for and perform important learning and school-related activities and to fulfill their role as students. In this setting, OTs and PTs support academic and non-academic outcomes, including social skills, math, reading and writing (i.e., literacy), behavior management, participation in recess/PE, navigation throughout the school, self-help skills, prevocational/vocational participation, and more. Practitioners are particularly skilled in facilitating student access to curricular and extracurricular activities through supports, adaptations, modifications and planning. Additionally, they play a critical role in training parents, other staff members, and caregivers regarding educating students with diverse learning needs.

Our services include direct instruction, small group instruction, integrated instruction in the classroom, and consultation with classroom teachers. We work collaboratively with the classroom and special education teachers to help children generalize skills across different settings. Every student who receives Physical or Occupational therapy services follows a program of annual goals and individualized benchmarks for measuring progress. These are derived from his or her own Individualized Education Plan (IEP).