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Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

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Office Hours



First Tuesday Morning of each Month 7:20-7:50

First Thursday Afternoon of each Month 3:00-3:30

Ms. Mora has been teaching middle school science since 2001. Ms. Mora comes from a teaching family. Her father was a high school Biology teacher for thirty-one years. She has completed graduate work in elementary science.

She grew up with a doctor of zoology as a father and recalls how eventful that was. At any given moment the Mora house was a “zoo” in itself. They had pets and visitors. The following were just some of the gang; the family dog, snakes, mice, iguanas, a de-scented skunk, raccoons, rabbits, a dwarf hedgehog, turtles, fish, a chinchilla and a bird named cookie. Ms. Mora's mother did not share the same passion but she certainly was accepting of it. Both her and her sister felt very lucky growing up in the Mora house. Today her house has only rescue dogs and fish.

Ms. Mora is close with her sister and mother and sees them often. They vacation each summer together in Long Beach Island, NJ.

She pursued teaching after her father passed away in 1996. Prior to that she was in business/communications.

Educational Philosophy:

Ms. Mora has a serious commitment to be the best teacher she can be for each individual she has the opportunity to work with. She aims to improve student’s attitudes about science and have fun while learning.