About Ms. MacDonald


Ms. MacDonald has been teaching social studies at Franklin Avenue Middle School since April 2019. She completed her undergraduate degree in history at Rutgers University in 2018 and her Masters of Social Studies Education in May 2019. She grew up in Rockaway, NJ and is excited to be a part of the Franklin Lakes community! Some of her favorite things to do are going to the beach, reading a good book, and working out.

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. MacDonald believes that social studies is an important way to help students learn how to navigate the world. She recognizes that the skills of a historian, such as reading closely, studying evidence, identifying bias, creating unique opinions and articulating those in writing and through spoken word relate to essential skills that are used outside of social studies classes! Ms. MacDonald guides her students toward developing and refining these skills through hands on activities like looking at artifacts and debating. By cultivating these skills with her students, Ms. MacDonald is helping shape the next generation of active, independent citizens in our society.

Office Hours

AM: First Tuesday of every month 7:15-7:45

PM: Last Wednesday of every month 3:00-3:30