About Me


Ms. DeFazio is fortunate to be the School Counselor at High Mountain Road School since the fall of 2007.

Ms. DeFazio obtained her M.Ed at William Paterson University and previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the (formerly known as) Trenton State College. She obtained her LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) in the fall of 2008 and continues to earn continuing educational credits to maintain licensure.

Ms. DeFazio made the career change to school counselor after having worked in the Corporate world as Benefits Manager handling health insurance and 401k plans. She arrived at HMR after three years as the counselor at Jefferson Township Middle School.

Ms. DeFazio's philosophy in working with children is that each child is a unique and special individual, each with their own amazing personalities and gifts. In our everyday lives, we make tons of choices each day. Ms. DeFazio believes that her goal is to 'guide' HMR's children in making positive choices for themselves, their peers and our community as a whole. Ms. DeFazio strives for each child to be emotionally happy and healthy, to laugh, love and have the ability to find beauty in life.

Consequently, Ms. DeFazio has learned very quickly that HMR truly is a family complete with dedicated and caring professionals. She is thrilled to be part of the Franklin Lakes School District.

Her spare time is devoted to her beautiful daughter, Elise.

Counseling Philosophy

The Franklin Lakes School Counseling Program believes that all people can learn and grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and also develop a strong sense of moral responsibility. Our comprehensive programis built on the assumption that educational, career, and personal objectives are attainable when all students are supported by school counseling services. All students in Franklin Lakes, grades K-8 have the right to receive school counseling services and discuss unique needs. The counselors will serve as a liaison between students, parents and, when necessary, teachers to maximize student success.

Elementary School Counselors believe:

Emotional development, like academic development, is essential.

Children's feelings directly affect their behavior. Therefore,helping students identify and understand their feelings will lead to better choices.

Children need to be heard, and have relationships with adults who talk with them and not at them.

Counselors are never disciplinarians so students can consider the counselor's office a safe place. Our role is not to solve students'problems, but to give them the necessary tools to solve their own problems.

Character education starts at a very young age. Developingthe character of youngsters when they are in elementary school will lead tosuccess throughout their lives.

Programs & Services

- Individual & Group Counseling:

Conversational Skills

Cooperative Play

Friendship Management

Emotion Management


Conflict Management

Changing Families

Lunch Bunch

- Character Education