This is Mrs. Heyligers first year teaching 2nd Grade after 11 amazing years of 1st Grade at WAS!  She is very excited to continue on with such a wonderful group of students, and is looking forward to teaching 2nd Grade.
Mrs. Heyligers received +30 credits above her Masters Degree through the College of New Jersey.  Mrs. Heyligers attended Bank Street College of Education in New York City to attain her Masters in Education.  As an undergraduate, she attended Syracuse University where she majored in Child and Family Studies and minored in Sociology.  She was honored and recognized as Woodside's Teacher of the Year during the 2016-17 School Year.

The Second Grade Instructional Philosophy at Woodside is...

Every child can be a successful learner, and children learn in different ways and at different speeds.  We believe that activities should be tailored to meet the needs of the individual students.  Children achieve their highest level of learning when they are directly engaged in hands-on activities where they can work cooperatively, explore and help each other construct their own knowledge