Mrs. Balassone attended Rutgers University where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate work. Here she attained a BA in Psychology and an Ed.M in Elementary Education. Mrs. Balassone has been teaching in Franklin Lakes since 2001.  She has taught at all three elementary schools in the district and has experience in grades three, four, and five.  This school year, Mrs. Balassone teaches CRS 4th graders language arts and mathematics. 

During her free time, Mrs. Balassone runs, reads, cooks, plays sports, travels, and enjoys the outdoors.  Most importantly, she loves spending time with her family, friends, and especially her two children, Nina and Danny! 

Mrs. Balassone believes that what we teach our children today will help make positive changes for our future.  She understands that all children have a natural curiosity that should be fostered with diverse opportunities.  She feels students need to share their ideas and thinking with peers and people often.  Mrs. Balassone teaches her students the importance of respecting all people and incorporates character education into various subject matter.  Hands-on learning, educational singing, creative projects, and technology-infused and interactive lessons are some of the fun ways students are educated in Mrs. Balassone's classroom.  This all paves the way to a positive, encouraging atmosphere whereby students can feel confident in sharing their ideas in a safe community, learning deeply for meaning and having lots of fun along the way!