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Karen Andruska is the general music teacher at Colonial Road School. She was employed by the Franklin Lakes School district in 1983 after graduating from West Chester University with a degree in Music Education. She taught elementary music at Colonial Road, High Mountain Road, and Woodside Ave. schools for 13 years. During that time she worked on learning and adapting the Kodaly and Orff methodologies to her music curriculum. She received her Masters Degree from Long Island University.

She then spent 2 years teaching middle school music at Franklin Ave Middle School where she created the music program. She started the Handbell program in the district and also began the Show Choir. She then spent 3 years at home raising her twins Kaylee and Zachary.

In 2001 she returned to Franklin Lakes teaching in the elementary schools. She is currently teaching at Colonial Road School. She has so many interests. She loves to sing at church, dance, exercise and work on crossword puzzles. However, her biggest joy in life is raising her twins and spending time with her family.


Music making is an undeniable part of our lives.  It's a fundamental part of virtually every celebration and event.  The true joy of music making is reflected in the communal experience, in sensing the rhythm, in being at ease with one's singing voice, and in playing and moving without care or inhibition.  Adults who have grown up without music making often express regret and a sense of loss or yearning from the musical experience that others seem to enjoy so richly and freely.

Today, music is recognized as an important and essential part of a complete education.  A unique approach to thinking and learning, music is a powerful tool in the development of imagination, creativity, discipline, concentration, and critical thinking skills.  Participation in musical activities enriches the spirit and satisfies basic needs for personal expression.  Through music, children deepen their understanding and acceptance of themselves and their neighbors throughout the world.---taken from Joy Nelson's "The Music Effect".