All About Ms. Calderone!

    Ms. Calderone graduated from Caldwell University in 2016 after completing a BA / MA program in Elementary Education. She has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, a Bachelor's degree in Education, and a Master's Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. She is certified to teach Math and Science K-6, Social Studies K-8, and English K-12. Ms. Calderone has taught as a maternity leave teacher in different grades in nearby districts, including 2nd Grade in Pompton Lakes and Pequannock, 8th Grade science in Mahwah, and 4th grade in Wanaque and Dumont. This will be her first year in Franklin Lakes.

    When she isn't teaching, Ms. Calderone likes to spend her time volunteering at her local cat shelter and working in her local library. She has ten years of experience as a librarian. She likes to read fiction books and binge-watch TV shows on Hulu.

Teaching Philosophy

          Showing compassion and empathy to students is crucial in the classroom. A productive learning environment cannot be created if a teacher does not truly and openly care for her students. From experience, students feel much more motivated if they know their teacher is concerned with them and with whether or not they are learning. When a teacher displays to students that she cares about them, they are more likely to succeed.


         Equally as important, a caring teacher is better equipped to develop her students’ emotional and social skills. The teacher of a classroom serves as a role model to students who are extremely susceptible to learning from her behavior, especially in the elementary school years. Students of a caring teacher are able to learn empathy, compassion, and mediation skills such as teamwork and compromise from simply watching their teacher interact with them and their peers. A teacher who actively shows she cares in her classroom is also more likely to promote the development of "soft" skills in her classroom, which ultimately prepares students for success later in life.