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Ms. Altorfer has been teaching mathematics at Franklin Avenue Middle School since 2004. She earned a BS degree in Computer Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Following a career in finance, Ms. Altorfer earned her teaching certification and continued her education obtaining a Masters degree in Education and Instruction.

Ms. Altorfer believes the role of a teacher is that of coach or facilitator, inspiring students to take risks and to find pride in each effort they undertake. The classroom must provide a nurturing atmosphere where learning is exciting and where a free exchange of ideas is encouraged and celebrated. Use of authentic tasks allows students to connect mathematical knowledge with its every-day applications. In this manner, students are allowed to direct their own learning and construct their own meaning in a way that will help them make sense of their world.

Office Hours

7:30 a.m. first Monday of every month

3:00 p.m. last Friday of every month

*Office hours are by appointment only. Please e-mail me by 2:00 p.m. on the previous business day to schedule an appointment.