Mrs. Weiner's 7th Grade Science

Welcome to Mrs. Weiner's Science Class!

What is 7th grade science?

Seventh grade science explores life from the microscopic world of cells to the world of animals and plants that we are familiar with. Students will be performing authentic investigations to discover how living things grow, reproduce, eat, breathe, and survive in their environments. Students will discover why organisms may look and act the way they do as they study genetics and DNA. Students will get a glimpse into the past and learn how life is continuously evolving and changing around them. Students will become familiar with their role in the ecosystem and how all of life is interconnected and dependent on one another. Students will also be able to see how they can help contribute to the biodiversity around them.

Units of Study: Click on these individual unit tabs at the top of this page for links to interactive sites, online games, and videos to reinforce content.

Cells and Cell Processes



Biodiversity and Ecology

Grading Policy:

Assessments/Projects 30%

Classwork/Labs 30%

Homework 10%

Benchmarks 15%

Etiquette 15%

Lab Safety

Laboratory activities and classroom projects are a privilege and a fun and exciting way to learn and demonstrate understanding in a science class. All students are expected to follow all laboratory instructions and procedures, handle all lab equipment with care, and report any accidents or spills immediately. The students, teachers, and classroom should be treated with the upmost respect. Apart from safety, student conduct, participation, and teamwork play a big part in lab and activity grades.

Students are assessed not only on their final product, but also on the steps they take along the way.

Mrs. Weiner has been teaching science since 2000. Before that she worked as a Registered Dietitian for three years in various hospitals. She received a degree in Nutrition from Syracuse University and a Masters in Integrating Technology in the Classroom. Teaching children is a true passion of hers and she also enjoys integrating her knowledge of nutrition into the Biology curriculum. She has 2 children who keep her very busy.

The Franklin Avenue Middle School Science department strives to create self- directed, enthusiastic, life-long learners. The science team wants to create scientists that have a desire to solve problems, question ideas, and actively engage in scientific inquiry.

Office Hours

AM Office Hours: 7:30-8:00

PM Office Hours: 3:00-3:30