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About Me!

Mrs. Medrzychowski is excited to be teaching 7th grade Language Arts at FAMS this year! This will be her eighth year teaching at Franklin Avenue Middle School. Her educational background includes a BA in Print Journalism from Quinnipiac University and an MA in Teaching English from Drew University.

Mrs. Medrzychowski's educational philosophy consists of encouraging students to delve into the depths of new knowledge. She wants to help her students develop 21st century skills that will prepare them to succeed in a fast-changing academic landscape. Mrs. M. will incorporate a variety of reading and writing lessons that will allow her students to explore, question, and interact with new knowledge and technology in a supportive class setting.

Office Hours

AM Office Hours: 7:30-8:00

PM Office Hours: 3:00-3:30

Marking Period 1 Content

READING FOCUS: Students will learn reading strategies that focus on character & setting. Through reading various fiction and nonfiction texts, students will explore how setting(s) can influence character(s) and how character(s) can influence setting(s).

WRITING FOCUS: Early in the year, seventh graders will review formal writing organization, style, and conventions. Literary analysis writing will be the main focus for the first marking period.

WORD STUDY: Similar to sixth grade, seventh grade vocabulary instruction will be based on various word parts (prefixes, roots/bases, and suffixes). Students will be exposed to challenging vocabulary while learning word attack strategies so they may successfully determine unknown word meanings.