Mrs. Hoekstra has the pleasure of working in the Franklin Lakes School District in all three schools since 1987 as a Learning Consultant. Previously she worked in both public and private schools as a special education teacher and Learning Consultant. She graduated with a B.A. in special education with honors, then earned an M. Ed. in special education, and also has additional graduate credits.

Currently Mrs. Hoekstra is case manager for the integrated Preschool Program, Bright Horizons at High Mountain Road School and also third through fifth grade at Woodside Avenue School. 

                         “   A child cannot learn the way you teach, you need to teach so the child can learn.”
                                                                                                                                        -Robert Buck


The child study team is committed to the design and implementation of educational programs that help students succeed in the classroom setting. Our philosophy as a multi-disciplinary team is to think of the “whole” child; that is the child’s functioning in academic, behavioral and social domains. In our work, it is critical that the education of students yield meaningful results. With this said, the CST is dedicated to the collaboration process with general and special education teachers, specialists, consultants and parents to organize support systems that help students succeed in the classroom. Students are treated as an “individual” with unique learning needs. It is our responsibility as a CST to identify the student’s strengths that promote learning, and challenges that compromise potential academic growth. We succeed in our endeavors because of the highly qualified teachers in the district, and the strong parental support of our programs.