Mrs. Laura Savage is  excited to be working at  the Franklin Lakes School District for the academic year.  She is a Licensed Social Worker and a Certified School Social Worker.  Mrs. Savage received her M.S.W. degree from Florida International University and her B.A. from University of Delaware. 

Mrs. Savage has a diverse background in Social Work and has had experience working with children, teens and families in a variety of settings from clinics to hospitals.  Mrs. Savage enjoys traveling, reading and music. 
Please feel free to contact  Mrs. Savage with any questions. 201-891-5600 X441

​Mrs. Savage is available the first Friday of every month for office hours. Hours are 8:15-8:45 and 3:45-4:15. Please email her to make an appointment. You  can also email her at Thank you.

Child Study Team Philosophy

The child study team is committed to the design and implementation of educational programs that help students succeed in the classroom setting. Our philosophy as a multi-disciplinary team is to think of the “whole” child; that is the child’s functioning in academic, behavioral and social domains. In our work, it is critical that the education of students yield meaningful results. With this said, the CST is dedicated to the collaboration process with general and special education teachers, specialists, consultants and parents to organize support systems that help students succeed in the classroom. Students are treated as an “individual” with unique learning needs. It is our responsibility as a CST to identify the student’s strengths that promote learning, and challenges that compromise potential academic growth. We succeed in our endeavors because of the highly qualified teachers in the district, and the strong parental support of our programs.