to CSI!

 My Bio
                Mrs. Scaturro went to college at Seton Hall University for Education and Psychology. In 2004, she returned to Franklin Lakes, where she grew up, and became a student teacher.  She then began working at HMR in first grade.  Recently, Mrs. Scaturro has been fortunate to teach both 1st and 3rd grade at CRS.  During that time she completed her Masters Degree in Reading and in 2010, became one of the CSI LA teachers. 

Teaching Philosophy
                The most wonderful part about teaching is seeing the smiling faces of my students and watching that  "lightbulb" go on as they grasp new concepts and realize their potential. Each day I enjoy helping my students gain confidence, support their reading and writing skills,  interact with book and their peers, as well as meet their language arts goals.  The best piece of advice I can give my readers is that “Practice Makes Perfect!”  I feel success as an educator when my students are excited about school and discover their potential.  I am happy to help in any way that I can, please don’t hesitate to contact/ email me.