Mr. Henshaw received a B.S. degree in Health & Physical Education from Hillsdale College,Michigan(1976), and a M.S. degree in Special Education from The City College of New York(1998).  Since graduating in 1976, He has taught Health, Physical Education, and Driver Education, and coached Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Spring Track at Pascack Valley Reg. H.S.(Hillsdale, N.J.) & St. Joseph Reg. H.S.(Montvale, N.J.). In 1988, he was hired by the Franklin Lakes Bd of Ed. to teach Physical Education, serving at High Mountain Road School until 2006, then at Woodside Ave. School to present. 

Teaching Philosophy

Our goal in the physical education area at W.A.S. is to assist our students in developing skills and attitudes that will equip them to lead an activeand healthy lifestyle in the future. To that end, our activities focus ona wide variety of games and activities in order to develop those skills to prepare the children for their adult years.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on physical fitness. Our school is a bi-yearly participant in the "President's Fitness Challenge", which is a fitness test sponsored by the president's council on physical fitness. Each year the children in grades K-5 are tested in the fall and again in the spring. After the test is completed the results are entered into our database and a computer generated report is sent home to the parents. Included in this fitness assessment are recommendations for the children to improve their fitness level.

Other areas that are emphasized throughout the year are movement activities; rhythm & dance; tumbling & Gymnastics; as well as a number of dual and team sports. All of these activities are designed to ensure that the children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and morally.

Just a helpful reminder.... Safety is a big concern for us during gym class so please remember to wear the four-" s's" on gym days: shirt, shorts or sweats, socks, & sneakers. Your sneakers should be fastened by either laces or velcro straps. NO slip-on shoes!! Slip-on's tend to slip off very easily while running or kicking activities, creating a dangerous situation for yourself and those around you. Also, jewelry should not be worn to the gym. Please leave watches, necklaces, bracelets,rings, etc. at home or in the classroom.

Let's have a wonderful healthy & safe time in gym class this year!