Track and Field

  • URGENT MESSAGE: The track meet at Ramsey for Thursday, 5/4 has been MOVED to Wednesday, 5/3. Sorry for any inconvenience! 
  • The track at Indian Hills on Thursday, 4/27 has been postposed. A new date will be announced as soon as possible. 

  • Students who need a track t-shirt can purchase them from Mrs. Banta. The cost is $10.  
  • Practices will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:00-4:00.  Practice will be canceled when field conditions are wet and unsafe.  When practices are canceled, students are responsible to contact home and arrange for transportation after school.
  • Students are expected to attend ALL practices.  If a student cannot attend, they should inform their grade level coach prior to the practice. Students who have an unexcused missed practice will not be allowed to participate in the following meet.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premise before or during practice.  Any student who does this will face possible disciplinary steps, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the team.
  • Students are expected to display appropriate behavior at practices and meets.  All behavior is subject to the school discipline policy, including suspension or expulsion from the team.
  • Students are expected to ride the school bus with the rest of the team to track meets.  They may leave with their parents from the meet but must notify the coach first.  No student may leave with another athlete’s parents unless they provide the coaches with written permission from their own parents.
  • All members of the team must bring a water bottle with their name clearly marked on it to both practices and meets.  Students should never share water bottles for health reasons.
  • The following is the anticipated schedule for the year:
  • Tuesday, 4/18: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Wednesday, 4/19:Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Thursday, 4/20: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Tuesday, 4/25: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Wednesday, 4/26: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Thursday 4/27: Meet at Indian Hills High School ( make up date announced yet)

    Tuesday, 5/2: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Wednesday, 5/3:Meet at Ramsey High School

    Thursday 5/4: Practice @ FAMS 3-4


    Tuesday 5/9: Meet at Cresskill High School         

    Wednesday, 5/10: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Thursday, 5/11: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Tuesday, 5/16: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Wednesday, 5/17: Practice @ FAMS 3 - 4PM

    Thursday 5/18: Meet at Westwood High School

    Tuesday 5/23            League Championship at Park Ridge High School

                                                (Top 2 boys and girls for each event)
Meets last until approximately 6:00, but this can vary depending on weather and bussing issues. Students are expected to contact parents when leaving a track meet to arrange for prompt pick up.
Andrew Tuttle,
May 4, 2016, 5:43 AM