My Biography:
Mr. Scognamiglio is very honored and excited to be teaching physical education at High Mountain Road School. He has a B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science with a concentration in Physical Education, Health and Driver’s Education. Mr. Scognamiglio has been teaching physical education since 2005 and before arriving to Franklin Lakes, he taught at Butler & West Milford Public Schools. He’s also a certified personal trainer through ACE fitness, a certified swimming instructor and has experience coaching baseball, track, and basketball.
            Some of the activities he enjoys playing in his spare time are ping-pong, Frisbee, softball in a men’s league, football and skiing. Vermont and Lake Tahoe are two ski destinations he enjoys most.

My Teaching Philosophy:
His philosophy of physical education centers on developing and improving movement skills while learning the factors that will influence health and wellness. A quality physical education program will help teach others to feel confident and comfortable while participating in a variety of physical activities. Giving their best effort, demonstrating sportsmanship, and learning from their mistakes are some attributes that are reinforced through physical education.