Welcome to Miss McAloney's 7th Grade Science Class!  

Units of Study: Cells and Cell processes, Ecology, Genetics, and Evolution.  Click on the unit tabs at the top of the page to access links to interactive websites, online games, and videos for reinforcement of material. 

7th Grade Science: 7th grade science explores life from the microscopic world of cells to the world of animals and plants that we are familiar with. Within each unit students will be conducting many laboratory investigations using microscopes and other scientific tools. Students will act as true scientists to formulate hypotheses, gather and interpret data, and evaluate and communicate their findings. They will be working collaboratively to solve problems and use technology and engineering practices to create new and exciting projects.

Grading Policy:

Assessments                                    35%

Classwork/Labs                              30%

Homework/Class preparation        15%

Benchmarks                                     20%

 This is Miss McAloney's third year teaching 7th grade science and being part of the Franklin Avenue Middle School team.  Perviously, Miss McAloney graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources as well as a Master's of Education in Biology Education K-12. She is looking forward to an exciting year in 7th grade science!

The Franklin Avenue Middle School Science department strives to create self-directed, enthusiastic, life-long learners.  The science team wants to create scientists that have a desire to solve problems, question ideas, and actively engage in scientific inquiry.
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