My Biography

Mrs. Sweeney loves being a Bright Horizons Preschool teacher. She earned her Bachelors in Special Education and History from The College of New Jersey. She also earned her Masters in Teaching in Special Education from The College of New Jersey. Mrs. Sweeney has experience teaching in preschool, elementary school, middle school and high school in both special education and general education settings.  Mrs. Sweeney loves HMR and is so excited to be part of the High Mountain Road School community.

The Educational Philosophy of Bright Horizons 

“Teaching is a delicate balance of learning and leading others to learn.”  -J. Robinson

The educational philosophy of preschool is centered on the belief that all children have the right to learn in a nurturing, caring, supportive environment.  The teachers strive to provide a rich, stimulating environment filled with meaningful, developmentally appropriate, “hands on” activities.  They work to create a strong sense of community so that students will feel free to explore in a safe, comfortable, and stable environment.  In their classrooms, the virtues of kindness, caring, and sharing are always exemplified. The classroom community will create positive and meaningful social interactions where students can continue their social and emotional development in a supportive environment. Being sensitive to others feelings, respecting and accepting students for who they are, separating from home, learning to share, care, play with others and establishing friendships are critical elements of the preschool years. Another important aspect of the classroom community will be a student centered learning environment.  The teachers will plan themes based on student interest and construct lessons around the theme. They work to promote an active partnership with parents to ensure that each child’s developmental needs are met and will reach his/her fullest potential.