La Classe Dell'Italiano

Benvenuti alla classe di Signora Tonelli!

Signora Tonelli has been teaching Italian at FAMS since 2012. She double majored in Italian and English at Binghamton University and later received her Master's Degree in Adolescent Education: Italian at Hunter College. She has been to Italy many times to travel and visit family, and she spent four months studying Italian Language and Culture in Florence. In 2011, she spent the summer studying Italian Literature in Pescara. Each time Signora Tonelli returns from Italy, her passion for the language and culture grows, and she is always eager to bring this love for Italy to her students. She loves teaching at Franklin Avenue Middle School, and greatly looks forward to teaching her students about La Dolce Vita!

As culture and language go hand in hand, in addition to the vocabulary and grammar, students in Signora Tonelli's class will explore the art, history, music, food, cinema and wonderful traditions that la bella Italia offers. She wants her students to be life long learners, and she asks them to explore Italian both in and out of the classroom. .

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