Madame Zaporoshan is the French teacher at FAMS. She is a native French speaker from Paris, France. Although she has been living in the United for over 20 years, she still has many family members still living in France and therefore  travels there often. Madame  received her B.A from the George Washington University and her M.A from the American University, both in Washington D.C. She is a certified to teach all ages from Kindergarten through high-school.  Madame loves the French language and all things French and is looking forward to sharing this love and enthusiasm with all the students at FAMS.
Teaching Philosophy
My goal is to instruct the students at FAMS to appreciate the benefits of learning a second language.  Students will learn the language through conversational practice, as she will conduct most of her lessons in French only.  Students will also have opportunities to explore historical, geographical and cultural elements of the French language through multi-media presentations.  All of this will be done in such a manner that the student will WANT to learn the French language
Office Hours


EXTRA HELP: I am always available for extra help in the morning starting at 7:30 or after school.  Just let me know ahead of time so I know to expect you

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