F.A.M.S Boys Basketball

Weekly Schedule:

Monday: Practice 3-4

Tuesday: Championship Game @ Wyckoff 4pm!

Season Schedule: 

Away Game Addresses:

Head Coach:  Nick Alaimo  emailnalaimo@franklinlakes.k12.nj.us

Assistant Coach: Mike Manfra email: mmanfra@franklinlakes.k12.nj.us

Expectations:  Players are expected to be at all practices/games.  That being said, things do come up.  If there is a conflict please email/call Coach Alaimo

2018-19 Roster:                                                                                            Managers:

Nicholas Coffaro - Captain                                                                          Nicholas Gualda

Andy Granatell - Captain                                                                             David Polli

Matt Bedrin

Arnav Kukreja

Ben Robinson

Mike Sakellakis

Wyatt Eglinton Manner - Captain 

Logan Hupp

Dylan Harper

Chris Cervino

Luca Cuttita

Ryan Goldman

Charlie Wingfield