FAMS is truly a wonderful place for children, and our staff does a phenomenal job of offering an array of innovative and exciting programs.  In order to provide the community with a glimpse into the world of FAMS, we plan to provide various videos of classroom activities throughout the school year.  Please enjoy a closer view of our middle school world below.

FAMS: A Closer Look - Videos

Volume 7:

With the spring weather in full swing, it is time to get off the couch and get back into shape.  However, at FAMS, the fitness never stops!  Our Physical Education department develops engaging lessons in order to keep students energetic, moving, and having fun. 

During this video and lesson, students enthusiastically participated in a variety of activities or stations that were aimed to increase heart rate and overall cardiovascular health.  Students participated in:

  1. Scarf toss Relay
  2. Reaction ball Toss
  3. Fitness Roulette (on the classroom roulette app)
  4. Bridge ball
  5. Connect 4 Relay
  6. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Noodle Tag

All stations were set up by Ms. Banta using the iPads, that were donated by the Franklin Lakes Education Foundation (FLEF) as part of a grant, to scan QR codes for proper directions and examples of  each activity.  Ms. Banta has been at FAMS for 12 years and continues to develop new and innovative lessons that are engaging for all middle school students.  As a former athlete and coach, Ms. Banta understands the need for regular fitness and incorporates her expertise and enthusiasm into her daily interactions with students.

Get a good warm up in, and join the FAMS Physical Education staff in another volume of, FAMS: A Closer Look!

Volume 7 - iPads in PE.mov

Volume 6:

After a hot day working outside or a hard work out, have you eve just needed a cold bottle of water?  What if you were required to travel more than 8 hours, by foot, to satisfy your thirst with some form of drinkable water?

Our sixth volume of FAMS:A Closer Look takes on a different view as we go into the Language Arts classrooms of Miss Caitlin Burnup and Miss Emma Brooke as they helped their students to understand the water crisis around the world.  What started as a shared reading among 6th and 8th grade students of A Long Walk to Water, turned into an opportunity for the 6th graders to find unique ways to pass this information along to classmates, parents, and the Franklin Lakes community.

Building on the successful FAMS Walk to Water Fair, which raised over $8,000 on the Go Fund Me page, Miss Burnup and Miss Brooke will continue to strive to raise money towards the school's goal of $15,000.  This would enable FAMS to sponsor the building of a well in the Sudan.  In an effort to contribute to this funding, the teachers and students will host another fundraiser at Blue Moon Café on Sunday, March 18.  20% of any purchase with this flyer (including dine, take out or gift cards) and e-gift cards (starting now) will be donated to the FAMS Walk to Water, Iron Giraffe Challenge.

Please enjoy this installment of FAMS: A Closer Look.  We hope you will consider supporting FAMS Walk to Water Go Fund Me page, attending our Blue Moon Café event on March 18, or purchasing an e-gift card from Blue Moon Café.

Volume 6 - FAMS Walk to Water.mov

Volume 5:

Our fifth installment takes a journey into the Language Arts classroom of 8th grade teacher, Miss Aiello.   Miss Aiello graduated from Montclair State University with her Bachelors in Family and Child Studies.  Later, she received her Reading Specialist Certification and Masters of Reading degree, and has been teaching at FAMS since 2013.  Since joining the Franklin Lakes community, Miss Aiello has been an integral member of the FAMS staff participating in a variety of initiatives and programs including the School Safety Team, Language Arts curriculum revision, and most recently she volunteered to attend the national conference offered by the Association of Middle Level Educators (AMLE) in Philadelphia.  Her educational experience, natural teaching talent, and ability to build positive relationships with her students allows Miss Aiello to incorporate innovative lessons that are middle school appropriate and aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.  In this student experience, students are placed in a digital “escape room” and are asked to utilize their prior knowledge and 21st Century skills to make their way “out of the box”.

Volume 5 - Aiello Digital Breakout.mov

Volume 4:

The 2016-17 school year brings the newest installment of FAMS: A Closer Look as we check in with the FAMS Social Studies department to see how students are gaining a deeper understanding of the Presidential Election of 2016.  On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, as it has been done 57 times before, the public will select the 45th President of the United States of America.  While this has happened every fourth year, this year’s election seems to be as polarizing as ever.  Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have strong views on many different topics, and FAMS took great lengths to ensure that all students have a strong sense of the topics, issues, and candidates’ views.

Students participated in a variety of classroom activities that included; readings, videos, discussions, debates, Web Quests, and polls.  All of which will culminate in a FAMS school-wide Mock Election as well as an exit poll, which will highlight why each student voted for a particular candidate.

Please sit back and relax and see how the FAMS Social Studies department covered the 2016 Presidential Election on FAMS: A Closer Look!

Volume 4 - Election 2016.mov

Volume 3:

Our third installment highlights Mrs. Emmel and her 7th grade Math classroom.  Mrs. Emmel graduated from Boston University in 2004, received her graduate degree in Educational Technology at New Jersey City University in 2009 and has been teaching at FAMS since 2006.  Since joining the Franklin Lakes community, Mrs. Emmel has been an effective and innovative teacher who is always willing to try new ideas and lessons to grab her students’ attention.  She uses her extraordinary charisma and excitable personality to engage the students as she makes the journey through 7th grade mathematics fun and entertaining.  Mrs. Emmel has incorporated “flipped classroom” concepts into her daily lessons, which allows her to work closely with the students to ask questions while they problem solve and work to master the material.  Additionally, this blended environment allows Mrs. Emmel to incorporate exciting activities into her classroom like the one in this new installment.  March 14 is π Day!!

Enjoy Mrs. Emmel’s π Day on FAMS: A Closer Look!

Volume 3 - Emmel π Day.mov

Volume 2:

Our second installment concentrates on Mr. Parr and his 6th grade Science classroom.  Mr. Parr graduated from William Paterson University in 1998 and has been teaching in Franklin Lakes for 13 years.  Mr. Parr started his career at Woodside Avenue Elementary School before coming to FAMS.  Mr. Parr is a two-time Teacher of the Year recipient, most recently in 2012.  His work with the 6th grade Science department has been outstanding and innovative.  Mr. Parr has created his own YouTube channel that currently has over 69,500 subscribers and over 21 million views and consists of popular songs that Mr. Parr has created over time.  Additionally, Mr. Parr has been invited to share his talents with many schools across the country and has even been the subject of articles written in Australia and Canada.  While Mr. Parr is considered a master teacher among his peers, he also continues to create tremendous lessons for the 6th grade students at FAMS including this lesson on tornados and Vortex Vehicles.

To find Mr. Parr’s YouTube channel, please CLICK HERE.

Enjoy Vortex Vehicles on FAMS: A Closer Look!

Volume 2 - Vortex Vehicles

Volume 1:

FAMS is truly a wonderful place for children and our staff does a phenomenal job of offering an array of innovative and exciting programs.  In order to provide the community with a glimpse into the world of FAMS, we plan to provide various videos of classroom activities throughout the school year.  Our first video comes from Mr. Seth Livesey, and the TV Media course offered to all 8th grade students, known more popularly as FAMS Live.  Mr. Livesey graduated from Kutztown University in 2004 with a degree in Electronic Media and has been teaching in Franklin Lakes for 11 years.  The TV studio is a state of the art facility equipped with High Definition capabilities and was made possible through generous grants by the Franklin Lakes Education Foundation and district funds.  Students in this class are given the opportunity to experience several different roles over the course of one marking period as well as providing the morning announcements on a daily basis.  Mr. Livesey created FAMS Live over 10 years ago and today they use green screen technology to create the live production each morning.

Please enjoy our first installment of FAMS: A Closer Look

To view the FAMS Live show each morning, please CLICK HERE.

Volume 1 - TV Studio