Welcome to Pre-K!

 The Pre-K program at Franklin Central School teaches socialization and independence, as well as the pre-academic skills needed to prepare children for Kindergarten.

The program is based on a daily schedule, which provides routine and structure for the children.
This schedule includes: breakfast, lunch,  snack time, circle time, singing, dancing and movement, free play, read-alouds, structured lessons on the theme of the day, station time (sand table, water table, play dough, computer, puppets, building games, and crafts), Specials (art, computer, library, music, and outdoor play) and nap time.
 Daily lessons range from developing small muscle coordination to pre-math problem solving, crafts, pre-writing skills, name recognition and writing, and colors, shapes, alphabet and number recognition.

How to contact  Mrs. Trask:
    You may call me at the school, 829-3551, ext. 102.
    You may email me at   dtrask 'at' franklincsd.org
    You may write a note and send it with your child.