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The 4 Disciplines of Execution Implementation Process is based on a formula for behavior change from John Cotter of Harvard University. First, people will be more willing to change if they are dissatisfied with the present state. Once they are dissatisfied, they must see the vision for the future and then the methodology of how they can get to the desired future state. Once there is a vision and a process, it takes regular re-enforcement and repetition supplemented with some quick wins and the expectation of public accountability.

The organizational unit that has the greatest opportunity to institutionalize or block execution is the team. The person with the greatest influence on the team is the team leader/manager. This is why FranklinCovey certifies managers to lead their teams through the 4 Disciplines Implementation Process, together with a facilitator and coach, to drive improved results in the face of the whirlwind. The process involves the following phases:

PHASE 1- Executive Session:

Two days of up-front work to introduce the 4 Disciplines of Execution and the Manager Certification process to the senior or executive leadership team. The session ensures clarity of focus at the enterprise level and begins the process of alignment that allows line of sight throughout the organization. If needed, additional work may be done on the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategy.

A champion and a coach will be chosen in this session.

PHASE 2 - 4 Disciplines Work Session:

Two days of introducing the 4 Disciplines process to the next level down leadership where they will ratify enterprise level WIGs, and do work on “straw man” division /department level WIGS, lead measures, and scoreboards. Managers will also learn, practice, and commit to a weekly accountability process.

PHASE 3 - Manager Certification Session:

The one day Manager Certification teaches managers how to use the materials associated with the participant kits. They learn to use the provided PowerPoint presentation, mini-facilitator guide, PDF participant manuals, and videos to introduce their teams to the 4 Disciplines process, ratify WIGs and Lead Measures, build scoreboards, and practice the accountability process.

PHASE 4 - Team Roll-out:

Certified managers (from Phase 3) lead their own teams in ½ day work sessions where they introduce the 4 Disciplines process, ratify WIGs and Lead Measures, build scoreboards, and have their first WIG Session.

Phase 5 – Scoreboard Check:

Managers present their teams’ final scoreboards to the consultant, champion, and coach for final approval of WIGs, Leads, and Scoreboards.

Phase 6 – Coaching Sessions:

Regular process audits over the next several months can be done over the phone or in person. This might involve sitting in on WIG Sessions or Calls, reviewing progress on WIGs and Lead Measures, etc.

Phase 7 – Executive Report:

The one-day Report-out Session provides an opportunity for the certified managers (and their teams) to report to the senior team on the results they have delivered to date.