What is LiveClicksTM?

LiveClicks webinar workshops put the high-quality instruction of FranklinCovey in-person training into low-cost, convenient, live and online workshops, right to your desk. These webinars are led by our instructors and are presented in one- to two-hour modules. Engaging and interactive, LiveClicks webinar workshops offer compelling content, award-winning videos, live engagement with expert consultants, and coverage of many of FranklinCovey's most popular topics. Each comes with its own downloadable toolkit for use during and after the workshop.

How is LiveClicksTM training delivered?

LiveClicks webinars are delivered with the presenter and attendee audio over the telephone and with the video over the internet, using the award-winning e-learning platform Adobe Connect Pro. This system enables streaming video, interactive activities, and reporting capabilities.

Currently, webinars may be delivered via public webinars or exclusive client webinars (onsite / in-house).

A Fundamental Shift

There is a fundamental paradigm shift underway in corporate training.  At the business level, changes are leading enterprises to examine how they connect with and train their workforces with collaborative technologies.

For organizations that are looking for a way to reach more employees at a lesser cost with their training, LiveClicks webinar workshops are delivered over the web to anyone, anywhere. 

Our content offerings retain the same high-quality instruction of traditional FranklinCovey training with the ability to roll it out to virtual or distant learners, or simply workers who are not able to leave their desks for extended periods of time.

LiveClicks bring a level of engagement not yet seen in the marketplace.  Award-winning videos, exciting activities, and live communication with the instructor keep the learners' interest and help them retain the knowledge they receive.

Interested in attending a LiveClicks™ webinar?

™ Public Schedule for 2011:

There are currently no scheduled Public webinars for 2011.

You may also call 426-6491 or e-mail liveclicks@franklincoveyphilippines.com

Benefits of LiveClicks

With LiveClicks webinars, you can deliver training previously unavailable due to time, distance, or budget constraints. You reach more workers while saving time, money, and resources.
  • Keeps business and training initiatives alive in turbulence
  • Reduces training and travel costs, and increases convenience
  • Reduces participants’ time away from the office
  • Trains more people with high-quality training
  • Reduces the organization's carbon footprint
  • Alternative Human Resource Training:
  • Use as reinforcement training
  • Engage learners through new techniques of training
  • Become part of a growing delivery channel
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