Welcome to Our Library Media Center Website!

I am your librarian Mrs. McCoy. 
When I am not at home with my family there is no place I would rather be than Bridgeport!  This will be my eleventh year as the library media specialist at our school and I LOVE working with all of the amazing boys and girls that attend.      

A Little Bit About Me:
Education: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees from the University of Kentucky
Career: Taught in the classroom for 5 years, librarian for 11. 
Favorite Part of My Job: Finding the right book for the right kid.  (And of course ordering great literature to share with all of our students.)
Favorite Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Book of ALL TIME:  The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by AVI
Favorite Author:  AVI because he turned me into a READER!
TRUTH: If you can't claim to be a reader, you haven't found the right book yet! (It only takes ONE book to make a difference!  One book to ignite a reading fire!)

Contact Information: (502)875-8430